LW 450 ES

Our time tested 450 block in a vertical sound insulated housing, sound level only 64 dB[A] at 1 m. Ideal for applications in work areas or mixed industrial/ residential areas (Hotels etc.). A secondary ventilator ensures excellent cooling. The robust, slow running
compressor with low maintenance and running costs is fully wired with a pneumatic/electrical compressor control with final pressure cut off and automatic condensation drain ensuring easy and trouble free operation. The compressor can stand in a corner for space economy (min. 2 sides free).

Product Pictures


>> Ready to connect compressor, fully wired with pneumatic/electric compressor control with star/delta start cycle
>> Operating panel with start/stop and condensation test controls, pressure gauge and hours counter
>> Automatic condensation drain, pressure free start/stop, leak check and safety valve check test modes
>> Automatic shut down when final pressure is reached
>> Emergency stop switch, safety cut off if the front or rear panels are opened
>> Motor protection switches
>> Sound insulated housing with sturdy steel frame, powder coated in RAL 6026
>> All pistons with steel piston rings
>> 3 concentric suction/pressure valves
>> Low pressure oil pump
>> Secondary fan for extra cooling
>> Oil/water separators after each stage, safety valve for each stage
>> Breathing air purification in accordance with EN 12021
>> Pressure maintaining and non-return valve
>> HP outlet

>> Up to 6 filling hoses mounted on the front door panel
>> Special voltages / frequencies on request
>> Oil pressure monitoring with auto shut down
>> Auto start
>> Oil pressure gauge
>> Cylinder temperature with auto shut down
>> Oil temperature with auto shut down
>> Inter stage pressure gauges
>> ECC controls see page 45
>> Puracon filter monitoring see page 47

The ES Silent Concept


Sound insulation is also heat insulation, manufacturing quiet compressors and keeping them cool is the ultimate objective. With the ES concept, we have benchmark sound insulation and benchmark cooling. The cross sectional view of the ES housing illustrates the key features.

1. A secondary ventilator provides additional thrust for the cooling air flow through the housing.

2. Additional final stage heat exchangers are the first component in the flow of cooling air into the housing.

3. The intermediate panels with sound insulation padding prevent the direct egress of sound waves out of the housing absorbing the majority of the noise.


Technical Data


  LW 450 ES
Type: Air cooled, reciprocating piston compressor
Capacity [litre/min] / [Nm³/h] / [cfm]: 450 / 27.0 / 15.9
Max. Pressure [bar]: 350 (set at the final stage safety valve)
RPM [1/min]: 1100
No of cylinders / No of stages: 3 / 3
Prime mover type: 3 Phase E-motor 400V / 50Hz
Drive power [kW] / [HP]: 11.0 / 15.0
Cooling air requirement [Nm³/h]: 3300
Lubrication type: Oil pump + Splash oil
Oil capacity [litre]: 2.2
Oil pressure [bar]: 1.8 (+/- 0.3)
Air outlet temperature [°C]: 8 - 10°C above ambient
Filter capacity [m³ at +20°C] 1): 1200
Dimensions L x W x H [cm]: 81 x 110 x 168
Weight [kg]: 390
Noise level [dB]: 64 dB[A] measured at 1 m

1) In accordance with EN 12021

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